Experience And Education

Who Am I And What Experience Do I Have?

20+ years of experience in teaching and research, practical work in the fields of education and time management in 14 countries around the world.

My experience is connected to providing consultations to more than 100+ companies and over 1000+ people on career choice, education, career development, and time management. 

Work Experience:

I am currently working for one of the largest companies in the world Oracle-(Czech branch), as Vertical Leader of the Performance and Scalability area. I have passed many high-level technical certifications, which allows me to lead difficult technical tasks and manage escalations. Before that, I had been employed in IBM-where I was able to develop a wide range of technical solutions for business.

I have been doing personal and corporate coaching for many years. Main areas of coaching: education, career development, real and effective time management.

I have led business projects around the world from the stage of planning till the final stages of implementation, both in the private and public sectors, including both practical and theoretical and research activities. I have 20+ years experience of working as a professor, the main area of my work is related to the implementation of modern technologies in the fields of law, business, psychology, and education. I have been working as a professor at Caucasus University since 2006. In 2010-2014, I led one of the most successful projects in the educational space of Georgia – Ilia State University School of Law and I had worked also as a Dean of this school.

Today I lead several organizations, including the Lab – law of the Future and the International Institute of Time Management. I have daily relationships with many – corporate and private clients/customers. I do provide them qualified coaching – which is the key to their success, as through our sessions, companies, and individuals do save time and money. They do get the best and most importantly – the real results in a timely and cost-efficient way.


Throughout my life, I am constantly learning, which is a part of my lifestyle. Therefore, information related to education is distributed in different areas. I presume the full list of my educational achievements is no such a big interest. Therefore I will be providing below only the key points, additional information can be easily found on the Internet.

I hold an academic degree (Ph.D.) Doctor of Laws and am the author of 100+ publications, including 10+ books (apart from that I have master’s and bachelor’s degrees in law and psychology).

Besides that, I have degrees in project management, time management, and psychology from Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Washington, and International Business Management University (Berlin)

Valid | Verified Certifications In The Following Areas:
  • Time, Performance and Goal Management;
  • Team Management;
  • Project management;
  • Strategic Applications of IT Project & Program Management;
  • Portfolio Management, Governance, & the PMO;
  • Leadership and Management for PM Practitioners in IT;
  • Strategy & Operations;
  • Finance & Accounting;
  • Marketing & Communications;
  • International Business & Economics;
  • Essential Management Skills;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Project Management: Technical Projects;
  • Agile for Project Managers;
  • Agile Infrastructure;
  • Agile Operations Fundamentals;
  • Agile Program Fundamentals;
  • Agile Testing; Agile Leadership and Strategy; Agile Product Ownership;
  • Agile Team Coaching
  • PM54G – Project Management | PM36G – WWPMM | ITIL Foundation
In Terms Of Technical Knowledge:

Professional Certification in IT Project Management from the University of Washington;

  • IT (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – OCI, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, JavaScript, Python, ITIL);
  • Project Management and Leadership (PM, PM54G, PM36G, Agile/Scrum/Kanban);
  • Data Science (Data Mining, Deep Learning, Hadoop, Machine Learning);
Oracle | Official Certifications Received In 2021:
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Professional;
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer 2020 Certified Associate;
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Certified Cloud Operations Associate;
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Certified Associate

More information is available on the LinkedIn profile.

The Most Important Life Lesson:

The Key Is To Understand What You Want And Why You Want It!

A person loves dreaming. We have been dreaming since childhood and in real life, unfortunately, it is not as common for a person to fulfill his childhood dreams. Exactly same goes for dreams, goals, plans that arise at different ages. We dream dreams that remain mostly in the world of unfulfillment. We would like to achieve, but we don’t know why we would like to achieve this or that specific goal, or what it will bring to us, what will change, what will life be like after we do complete a particular task?

Through our cooperation and communication, you will be able to acquire unique skills. You will learn, how to:

  • Understand what you really want;
  • Understand why you want what you want;
  • Set expectations and alternatives correctly;
  • Develop the shortest way to achieve your desire / goal;
  • Find information effectively;
  • Analyze a large array of information quickly and critically.
  • Techniques for making the right/successful choice.

My education and experience will save you the time you can spend taking paths that different people have already taken, and science has the answer to how it is possible to achieve a goal in the shortest possible time by creating a chain of specific decisions that will lead you to make your dreams come true. 

I will show you ways how to move quickly and efficiently on the path of setting and achieving goals. Most importantly you will learn unique focusing techniques that are a prerequisite for your successful future.



Orientation Meeting

To explore a specific situation, analyze your current needs, plan future relationships, and ways to resolve specific issues – I offer you a free orientation meeting. We will get to know each other personally and exchange mutual expectations

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