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Time Management Tumanishvili დრო მენეჯმენტი თუმანიშვილი

Time Management And Enhancing Productivity

To carry out your plans, it is essential to cleverly plan the time that we all equally have (24/7), in a smart way.
At the first glance Time management, seems a fairly easy concept. It is easy to write an implementation plan on a piece of paper or in a file, but it is quite difficult to make it and implement it in reality.
I will help you acquire unique, effective working skills and techniques that will lead you to success in the shortest amount of time – with proper planning, productivity growth, and fulfillment of intentions.
Especially for you, I will create a daily routine distributed on weekdays, which will help you achieve your goals effectively.

What To Learn And Where To Learn?

In the modern world, the number of educational resources and institutions that offer high and additional education is growing daily. The abundance of resources increases the complexity of quality control. Too often people can get confused about where to study and particularly what to learn. Use free resources or pay a tuition/enrollment fee?
I will help you create an individual strategy on where it is better to get specific education and also explain why.
With me, you will plan your primary, secondary, and even additional education strategies as efficiently as possible, which means you’re going to save time and money and make a Thoughtful Choice.

profession tumanishvili პროფესია თუმანიშვილი

Choosing A Career | Profession

Very often other people making decisions on our behalf, recommend professions – parents, relatives, “well-wishers.” When it comes to profession these people have their own views about how things can bring the person facing the situation of choosing a profession stable financial benefits. When choosing a profession by others, despite their good intentions, one can ignore the teenager’s talents, aspirations, childhood dreams, and just what this person likes to do.
I will help you to choose the main directions, the doing of which will bring you happiness and harmony. I will tell you about the specific aspects of each profession that you would like to know more about and will share employment opportunities in different countries across the globe. With my 20+ years of experience in the fields of higher education at leading universities in different countries around the world, I will share with you which universities are better to master a specific Profession | Career Path and I will explain why I think so. With our sessions, you will be ready to make a thoughtful choice.

Why Should You Choose Me?

Individual Approach And Guarantee Of Success!
1000+ Satisfied Customers And 100+ Companies

Personalized Approach

Each meeting serves - to achieve your individual goals

20+ Years Of Experience

My experience includes working at universities and companies in 10+ countries

Time And Finances

What you could spend years on, together we will achieve in a few hours

What Do Customers Say About Me?

I always knew what I wanted, but I did not know how to get what I wanted, because every day a thousand blockers manifested themselves. I learned from George about the unique approaches he used and we worked together to develop a daily routine for me. Today I really know how to plan and achieve goals and what time I will need for the whole process from planning to achieving. Anna Novak Apple Inc (California, USA)
Anna Novak
Apple Inc (California, USA)
In several meetings with George, I had a clear idea and visualization of ​​the real situation in the field of education. Together we selected the university where I further received my secondary education. Today I am already working on my doctoral degree and thesis. I am also full-time employed in several organizations and besides that also doing legal-consultations.
David Omsarashvili
Caucasus University, Caucasus School of Law (PhD student)
Solidarity Network - Lawyer
I decided to change the field in which I was working for a long time. Because of that, I needed special skills and education, which on the one hand would enhance my qualification, and on the other hand - would be important for the employer. Together with George, we did choose what I should have studied and where it was better for me to do those studies. After taking the courses, I found a job and got my dream position where I am working now!
Alice Smith Inc (Seattle ,USA)

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