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Coaching is a partnership process, a form of consulting or training, in which a person called a “coach” helps a client to achieve a certain goal in life or career. Coaching promotes and stimulates client’s creativity and thinking. During the coaching process, a client, with the help of a coach, maximizes his / her personal and professional potential, which helps him/her to understand desires and achieve goals.

  • Individual and at the same time systemic approach;
  • Result-oriented;
  • Customer-focused;
  • Pragmatism.

A coach, unlike a mentor, focuses on clearly defined goals rather than general skills development.

  • Personal coaching – covers a wide range of goals. The relationship between the client and the coach is focused on identifying the steps necessary to achieve the client’s specific goals and promoting the achievement of that goal.
  • Business coaching – in the business context, the necessary goals and priorities are set, professional achievements and personal goals related to the business are achieved. The goal, in this case, could be improving the business performance as well as the career growth of the employees.
  • Corporate Coaching – Extensive complex coaching within the company, both vertically and horizontally, which means productivity growth, time management, and overall service growth of the company, both in terms of employee knowledge and career growth, as well as direct revenue growth of the company.

Having a coach actually helps a person discover their own abilities and apply them to the goal. With coaching, a person learns individual ways of achieving a goal and puts them into practice. 

During the orientation meeting, the client and the coach change their mutual expectations. The coach shares the specifics of the work, while the client shares the desired results that he/she wants to achieve by coaching.

A coach may be accredited by a variety of organizations, such as the International Coaching Association or local associations. Dr. George Tumanishvili is an internationally accredited coach with 20+ years of experience in the world’s leading companies and universities. He works remotely with clients living in different countries.

The coaching fee is individual and depends on the specific tasks and the time required to solve those tasks and achieve the goals. The cost of coaching can be determined for both hourly and long sessions (total volume). Dr. George Tumanishvili with international accreditation offers a free orientation meeting where fee-related questions will be also discussed.

Time Management

Time management is a set of practical skills, the joint use of which allows us to achieve maximum results in a short period of time.

  1. Understand what you would like to achieve, why you would like it, and in what time frame the goal should be achieved;
  2. Establish a smart, healthy daily routine that will help you stay in the best physical and mental shape;
  3. Schedule at least 3 meetings with a professional coach to help you develop an individual, tailored, effective plan and share actual techniques with you.

There are many time management strategies. Their priority of redistribution is also different. According to Dr. George Tumanishvili, an internationally accredited coach, the main strategies include:

  • The daily routine necessary for the best physical and mental shape;
  • Understanding the purpose / goal;
  • Understanding sub-goals;
  • Understanding tasks for sub-targets;
  • Giving the right priorities for tasks;
  • Managing and concentrating;
  • Minimizing distractions.
  1. What is my goal?
  2. Why do I have this goal?
  3. What will happen when I achieve this goal?
  4. What happens if I do not achieve this goal?
  5. How does what I am doing right now help me with achieving my goal(s)?

Choosing A Profession | Career

A profession is a set of specific knowledge, skills and habits that are necessary to carry out a specific activity. In many cases, this is the main labor activity that a person carries out.

  • Think and comprehend doing what makes you happy;
  • Think about whether you would like to do any particular work/activity for a few hours every day and if so, what is it and how much time you would like to spend doing it?
  • Schedule at least 3 meetings with a professional coach who will share with you the specifics of the different professions, the best ways to get an education, and real employment opportunities or possibilities in the different countries. Dr. George Tumanishvili Will help with preparing an individual, effective plan for you. Together you will draft the steps on how to become a professional in the career that you would like to start and follow; how to choose a profession that will bring you harmony, happiness, and competitive income.

To choose a profession you need to:

  • Schedule at least 3 meetings with a professional coach who works in career development and has relevant experience;
  • Understand and realize what you would like to do and why you would like to do it;
  • Search for information about professions and compare professions with each other;
  • Search for information on what real employment opportunities and/or possibilities a particular profession offers you.
  • Search for information on what knowledge and skills you will need to master the profession;
  • Learn about real employment opportunities and possibilities in different countries.

The issue of selecting a university depends on the following:

  • Which country would you like to live in and why?
  • What knowledge and skills do you plan to acquire and in what time frame?
  • What is the budget for education?
  • What extra benefits would you like to receive from the university while studying?

Professions in-demand change over time, as demand itself is dynamic and also depends to some extent on the specifics of the country.

The most demanded professions in the world for 2021 are:

  • Computer engineering and software development;
  • Electronic engineering;
  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Medical professions;
  • Data analysis;
  • Projects, IT and Social Management.

Additional Education And Career Growth

You need to define a specific goal, what you would like to get from the training. What type of knowledge do you need and specifically what skills you would like to acquire or enhance. Dr. George Tumanishvili offers an individual plan, as well as a comparative analysis of training organizations / providers. With the help of a professional coach, you can choose the best program which will equip you with competitive skills, you will enhance your knowledge, and at the same time save your money.

Courses should be selected based on specific objectives.
You need to determine the main purpose of getting an education. Knowledge and skills; Certificate of completion of a specific course or both? As well as the specifics of an existing or future employer.

Career growth is an integral part of personal development. The key is to define what career growth means to you. By career growth are you considering only vertical or also horizontal growth? A professional coach will help you come up with the best, most effective strategy to maximize your potential and talent.

The key is to define a specific goal, what do you want to get from the online course(s)?
Professional coach George Tumanishvili, with 20+ years of experience in the education sector, will help you select the most effective courses based on your individual goals. You can book an orientation meeting for free today.

1. Determine what career growth means for you;
2. Book an orientation meeting with a professional coach;
3. Follow step by step the strategy agreed with the coach.


Orientation Meeting

To explore a specific situation, analyze your current needs, plan future relationships, and ways to resolve specific issues – I offer you a free orientation meeting. We will get to know each other personally and exchange mutual expectations

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