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Every day, many people ask for my advice and suggestions on how to choose the right career path. The age of these people is not limited to 15-17-years and is divided into different age groups, covering the whole range of 15-55 years. First thoughts about our profession appear, mostly in childhood, and these thoughts are not entirely related to earning maximum financial income. They are more of an ideal nature and include an overall identity of a particular person or profession. One wants to serve this particular purpose and be a member of the group that is engaged in this activity. Read more…

The very first representations are mostly related to the family, media influence, and film industries, where the proposed images show a desire for the origin of identity in our conscious and unconscious, and an association with that identity. At this time a person does not even think about why he/she wants to master some profession or choose a particular career path, or what is the way to move further in order to become a professional in this or that field and achieve success.

Which Career Path
Profession Should I Choose?

Childhood dreams are modified and to some extent, formed into a question, the answer to which is revealed through the pressure time puts on us. At the age of 14-16, a teenager actively begins to think about what career path to choose because the answer to this question determines what subjects he/she should concentrate on and what to prepare for. Also, on the agenda is the issue of selecting a higher education institution and prioritizing among the universities presented on the market offering professions that one wants to master. Read more…

Choosing a profession, despite all the subjective factors, often goes beyond the choice of a person, and often family members (parents, cousins) or other “friends of the family” make choices for him/her, friends “know better” what will be good for you, or what will bring you success – happiness. Often we forget that the most important thing is happiness and the feeling of harmony with ourselves. It is therefore very important to specify and understand the foundations that bring pleasure, harmony, and happiness to an individual.

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Profession, Happiness, And Harmony!

The same profession, activity, job position, can bring happiness to one person, could be completely neutral to another, and depressing to a third. When choosing a profession, people often do not study the natural inclinations of a particular person, psychosomatic condition, psyche type, the first and second circle of interests, many factors, the neglect of which can lead to constant stress Read more…

Modern science is familiar with the methods used to assess interest and inclinations, as well as to identify potential professions that can bring maximum realization to a person. Exactly maximum realization is one of the leading factors when choosing a profession. 

The Most Important Thing - A Thoughtful Choice

With me, you will be able to understand and answer the specific questions that are connected to the list of professions, areas of employment, where you will be able to maximize the realization of your specific and unique personality, areas of interest, and talent. With 20+ years experience of working in universities in 10+ countries around the world, I will share the hidden aspects of particular professions, real information about employment opportunities across the globe, and also I will help you select universities tailored to your individual desires/goals. The key to your professional success is choosing your career thoughtfully.

In order to be able to make a thoughtful choice, you need to know all (or most of) the factors that are involved and could have an impact

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Personal Coaching

Further Steps

If you would like to choose a profession wisely, know the best areas for the maximum realization of your interests, talents and skills, and know insights of the offers available on the current education market – you can book a free orientation meeting today.
The first meeting is of introductory nature and lasts about 15 minutes. We will exchange mutual expectations and draw up a plan for future cooperation.
Together, we will be able to choose a profession and career path where the realization of your talent and personality will bring you happiness and harmony!


Orientation Meeting

To explore a specific situation, analyze your current needs, plan future relationships, and ways to resolve specific issues – I offer you a free orientation meeting. We will get to know each other personally and exchange mutual expectations

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